This page lists every 6-Star and 7-Star hero in individual, sortable lists with all of their maximum stats listed.

Hero Max ATK Max DEF Max HP ATK Speed Mobility CRT Rate Class Alignment

Hero Max ATK Max DEF Max HP ATK Speed Mobility CRT Rate Class Alignment Relation
Goddess Knight Luna 16 14 17 Defense Human
Awakened Philosopher Diel 16 14 15 All-Around Human
Sky Emperor Fury 21 16 17 Defense Beast
Winter King Idris 19 14 15 Attack Fairy
Great Duke Dmitry 17 16 17 All-Around Demon
Absolute Uroth 18 15 15 All-Around Human
Sword God Baldur 17 14 17 Defense Human
Holy Sword Refina All-Around Human
Vicious Ignio 22 16 17 Defense Ancient Tribe
Deadly Drago 22 16 17 All-Around Ancient Tribe
Hateful Sirin 18 15 17 Attack Ancient Tribe
Punishing Iola 20 15 17 Attack Ancient Tribe
Crazy Warrior Ashan 25 15 17 Defense Ancient Tribe
Destructive Archer Cusher 25 15 15 Attack Ancient Tribe
Storm Assassin Minnet 24 14 17 All-Around Ancient Tribe
Holy Healer Erin 21 16 15 Support Ancient Tribe
Awakened Sword Sion 25 17 17 Attack Human
Invincible Lyonnesse (Awakened) 13 13 17 All-Around Human
Awakened Ifrita 18 14 15 All-Around Human
Lethal Lana 20 16 17 All-Around Human
Ice King Dean 17 16 15 Attack Human
Great Saintess Tia 20 15 15 Support Human
Holy Arrow Darek 18 15 15 Attack Human
Destructive Ciel 20 16 15 Attack Human
Nurse Goddess 16 15 15 Support Human
Fatal Shot Kana 21 14 15 Attack Human
Great Judge Ent 17 15 17 Support Human
God of Hunting Warp 20 14 15 Attack Human
Dark Music Song 24 16 17 Attack Human
Glorious Cynthia 16 15 17 Support Human
Warrior Mistra (Awakened) 18 16 17 All-Around Human
Holy Javelin Jerius 18 14 17 Attack Human
Victorious Lagna 14 14 17 All-Around Human
Assassin King Creed 22 16 17 All-Around Human
Holy Witch Char 18 14 15 Attack Human
Great Warrior Holy 13 14 17 Defense Human
Pirate Goddess Para 21 16 15 Attack Human
Beach Queen Vira 23 15 17 Defense Human
Master Miranda 19 15 17 Defense Human
Sun Knight Warren 19 15 17 Defense Human
Magic Sword Goddess Irene 24 15 17 Attack Human
King of Martial Arts Yuno 19 14 17 Attack Human
Deadly Poison Archer Alex 20 15 15 All-Around Human
Breath of Blood Yuria Attack Human
Phoenix Anna Attack Human
War God Zelga Defense Beast
Immortal Knight Pan Support Beast
Miracle Orga Support Beast
Fatal Shana Attack Beast
Master Chaser Tami Attack Beast
Snake Queen Ramia All-Around Beast
Great Prophet Liana Attack Beast
Battle God Bunz Defense Beast
Invincible Raiga Defense Beast
Snow Storm Rania All-Around Fairy
Fire King Flair Defense Fairy
Fire Dragon Pie Attack Fairy
Life Goddess Nia Support Fairy
Thunderer Angelo All-Around Fairy
Holy Great Elemental Support Fairy
Fatal King Poison Attack Fairy
Protective Goddess Kyria All-Around Fairy
Holy Angel Angelis Support Fairy
Ocean Witch Selen All-Around Fairy
Forest Guardian Wuru All-Around Fairy
Absolute Darkness Lai All-Around Fairy
Forest Master Ren All-Around Fairy
Frenzy Bomber Humba All-Around Demon
Conqueror Uruk Defense Demon
Immortal Zebram Support Demon
Death World Mithy Attack Demon
Great Devil Jacard Attack Demon
Immortal Deborah Attack Demon
Nightmare Freya All-Around Demon
Death Knight Voros Attack Demon
Devil Queen Siara Attack Demon
Hellfire Lilian All-Around Demon
Rage King Tigere Defense Beast
Beast King Wintere Attack Beast
Violent Warrior Ogre Defense Demon
Hell King Skeleton Defense Demon
Space-Time Dandy Rab All-Around Beast
Destructive Grave Defense Demon
Devil Knight Kahl Defense Human
Death Liz All-Around Demon
Destructive King Evan All-Around Beast
Chaos Sylvia Attack Fairy
Tyrannus (Awakened) Attack Demon
Despero (Awakened) Defense Demon
Chaos (Awakened) Attack Demon
Exitium (Awakened) All-Around Demon

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