Supporter StatsEdit

  • Skill- (Cooldown sec):
  • Bonus Effect- ':
  • Supporter Effect- Transfer % of your Attack Power, % of your Defense, and % of your HP to the Leader.

For list of possible Awakened Skills, see Awakening.

Dimension Gate and Special DungeonEdit

Deadly Drago may be used in the following Dimension Gates:

  • EXP Dungeon

Deadly Drago may also be used in the EX Stage of the following Special Dungeon:

  • This hero cannot be used in an EX Stage.

Awakening MaterialsEdit

The following materials are needed to Awaken Destructive Drago into Deadly Drago:

Ancient Tribe Awakening Materials
Material Number Needed Material Number Needed
Ancient God Magic Stone 45 Ancient God Soul Stone 45
Freedom Essence 35 Seal Essence 35
Ancient Awakening Tombstone 35 Ancient Sealing Scroll 40

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